Get a Goat Plate

Your purchase of an Idaho Goat License Plate supports a program that funds a wide variety of recreation and enhancement projects in the SNRA.

Each year, 100% of generated funds are subsidized to projects chosen by a local committee, some of whom who are locals unaffiliated with the Sawtooth Society. The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is then responsible for the approval of these projects.

The Goat Plate displays a distinctive mountain goat image and the SNRA designation to demonstrate your support for the SNRA.

In addition to vehicle registration fees, the Goat Plate costs $60 for the first year with a $40 renewal fee each year thereafter. 

Get a Goat Plate
Photo Credit:
Matt Leidecker

The mountain goat is a universal symbol signifying the human need to find high, quiet places. In Idaho, the mountain goat license plate symbolizes the importance of protecting the high quiet places like those found in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA).

The program generates roughly $50,000, annually — to date, 219 projects benefitting the SNRA have been funded through this innovative program.

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Goat Plate Grants

Goat Plate Grants Due Quarterly

(March 31, June 30, Sept 30, Dec 31)

Fees collected from the sale of Idaho’s special Sawtooth National Recreation Area motor vehicle license plate are available for maintaining and upgrading outdoor recreation facilities in the 756,000-acre Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA). The program is administered by the Sawtooth Society under a contract with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. Eligible projects will be within the boundaries of the SNRA and be limited to planning, design development, construction, repair, and maintenance of:

a) Motorized and non-motorized trails
b) Camping facilities
c) Bridges located on a motorized or non-motorized trail
d) Restrooms used primarily by recreationists
e) Parking area used primarily to access outdoor recreation facilities
f) Boat launch facilities
g) Boat docks
h) Interpretive centers, facilities, and services for recreationists, including informational and directional signs
i) Emergency medical facilities and services for recreationists
j) Unpaved roads leading to recreation areas

Thank you for your interest in applying for Goat Plate funding.  We are currently updating our application and cannot take your application at this time.  Please check back in December for an updated application and due date for fourth quarter 2021 applications. We are no longer accepting applications directly via email.  All applications must arrive via the updated form once it is posted. Thank you!  Please send any questions to

Recent grant recipients and projects include:

2019 total funds distributed: $82,387

  • $11,800-Bigwood Travel Management Plan (Forest Service)
  • $2,900-Monitoring booklets for SNRA (Forest Service)
  • $5,000-Non-motorized trail equipment (Idaho Conservation League)
  • $6,072-Sawtooth Valley Work Center repairs (National Smokejumper Association)
  • $3,500-North Fork Visitor’s Center/Stanley Ranger Station volunteer staffing (Forest Service)
  • $4,714-Alice-Toxoway trail maintenance trip (Idaho Trails Association)
  • $8,902-Upgraded pumps for water truck (Sawtooth Valley Rural Fire)
  • $2,199-AED placed at Redfish Lodge (Stanley Ambulance)
  • $1,300-Scoop stretcher for the ambulance (Stanley Ambulance)
  • $5,000-Tool shed exhibit repairs and maintenance (Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Association)
  • $6,000-Noxious weed control (Forest Service)
  • $5,000-Avalanche forecast sponsorship (Friends of the Sawtooth Avalanche Center)
  • $5,000-Winter trail maintenance equipment (Sawtooth Ski Club)
  • $7,500-Galena Lodge septic repairs (Blaine County Recreation District)
  • $7,500-Livingston Mill trail puncheons (Forest Service)


  • $1,000-Wilderness Steward first aid training (Idaho Conservation League)
  • $5,824-SNRA trail maintenance (Idaho Trails Association)
  • $3,650-North Fork Visitor’s Center/Stanley Ranger Station volunteer staffing (Forest Service)
  • $7,500-repeater upgrades on Galena and Bald (Wood River Amateur Radio Club)
  • $2,300-Interpretive display at Billy’s Bridge overlook (Forest Service)
  • $7,500-Redfish inlet bridge access ramp construction (Forest Service)
  • $7,500-Noxious weed management (Forest Service)
  • $7,800-Emergency monitor/defibrillators (Salmon River Clinic)
  • $5,000-Avalanche forecast sponsorship (Friends of the Sawtooth Avalanche Center)
  • $6,500-Conservation trail intern (Forest Service)
  • $7,500-Weed Warriors program (Environmental Resource Center)